Small Biz Thoughts by Karl W. Palachuk SOP Friday Vendor Management and Coordination

Karl W. Palachuk hat in seiner Serie SOP Friday auf Small Biz Thoughts einen empfehlenswerten Artikel zur Frage veröffentlicht, was innerhalb von Managed Services unter dem Begriff "Vendor Management and Coordination" zu verstehen ist.

One of the things you hear all the time with Managed Services is that you should manage the clients vendors. What exactly does that mean? What is "vendor management?"

First, controlling [vendor relations] reduces our labor costs quite significantly. It helps us support hardware, software, and services. Second, we really want to "own" the relationship with the vendor. We want to know their processes, procedures, and tools. We want to know how they approach things.

We can solve things faster than the client because we understand geekspeak.

In all areas where direct communication makes our job easier, we want to be involved. Where the client needs high level advice about a decision that will cost lots of money, we want to be the adviser.

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