You need to be seen and heard as more than just the guy who works on the computers: unterstreichenswerte Zitate der Woche aus der Managed Services Branche

  • A good consultant comes at it from an industry and client perspective and with an outcome rather than with tools and technology. (CIO)
  • Letting Clients Make Exceptions to client-related policies and procedures: In fact, every "policy" you give them is either 1) For their own good, or 2) Related to doing business with you. When it comes to doing things that are in their own interest, you have very little control. You can educate them, remind them, and warn them. But at the end of the day, you cannot care more about their network than they do. You should protect yourself when clients make certain bad decisions. You need to let them know - in writing - that you cannot be responsible for these things. At the end of the day, the best you can do is to make good recommendations and encourage the client to take your advice. (Karl Palachuk)
  • From Turning a Screw Driver to C Level Executive: You need to be seen and heard as more than just the guy who works on the computers. You will ensure long-term relationships with clients, that will result in more referrals, if you always put the client needs first. Road Map meetings with clients take the relationship to that consulting level and the MSP is not just pushing a Purchase Order. (Karl Palachuk)
  • A few lessons learned from Microsoft over the years: 1) Keep changing. 2) Sometime you need to drop things that do not work. 3) Embracing the community consistently over time has huge rewards. 4) Loyalty in business is related to profitability. If you want loyal vendors, help them make money. And if vendors want loyal resellers, they need to help you make money! (Karl Palachuk)
  • It is about ensuring that the vendor an MSP chooses fits these five benefit categories in order to ensure success for both the MSP AND its customer base: #1: Do My Customers Need It? #2: Does the Service Enhance My Business? #3: Is The Vendor Easy To Do Business With? #4: Is It Adaptable? #5: Can I Make Money? (Charles Weaver)
  • If you sell servers, you will be in trouble in the years to come. If you sell technology solutions, then you will have all the work you want. (Karl Palachuk)


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